SOS Certification Program

The SOS Certification Program is designed to provide current SOS practitioners with additional training, mentorship and expertise in the implementation of the SOS Approach to Feeding.

Using a combination of didactic lecture, case study presentations, written homework and observation of participant videotapes of clinical sessions, the SOS Certification Program takes place exclusively through online learning and mentoring within a small-group format in the comfort of your own home.

Participants will be asked to select a current Feeding Therapy Client to serve as an ongoing case study throughout the Certification course.  They will receive individualized and group mentoring on Treatment Planning and treatment execution using SOS Approach to Feeding techniques. Refer to the Certification Program Learning Objectives for additional information.

Who Should Register:
The Certification Program is ideal for SOS Trained Therapists who are looking for further training  and additional feedback regarding their SOS Feeding Therapy intervention with children and families.

Certification Program Benefits:

  • Opportunity to gain additional training and expertise in the use of the SOS Approach to Feeding program with the Participant’s clients
  • Individualized consultation and feedback on any challenging Cases presented, as given by an SOS Approach to Feeding expert staff member with possible direct consultation with Dr. Toomey
  • Additional education and professional coaching around the implementation of SOS Approach to Feeding tenets and techniques into the Participant’s own practice
  • Opportunity to understand how to use the SOS Approach to Feeding across a wide variety of settings and with various clinical populations through group mentoring and videotape review
  • Group mentoring and observation of fellow course participant’s clinical videotaped feeding therapy sessions allows for engaging in high level professional dialogue, as well as connecting with other like-minded colleagues in the field
  • Placed on a Preferred Providers Referral list (if desired) given first to families seeking Feeding Evaluation and Treatment in their home community
  • Opportunity to build a network with other therapists who specialize in Feeding Therapy to develop ongoing support and teaming abilities
  • Certification will be the first step required for any professionals wishing to engage in Research on the SOS Approach to Feeding program who will be requesting permission to publish using the Trademarked name – SOS Approach to Feeding

Prerequisite Requirements:

  1. Completion of the Basic SOS Approach to Feeding Course (3.75 Day) within the last 8 years,  OR completion of the Basic SOS Approach To Feeding Course (3 Day) PLUS the Advanced Topic Online Course = “Tools in Your Pantry: Effectively Using the New Oral Motor Steps”, both within the last 8 years
  2. Completion of the Advanced Topic Course: Parents as Partners: Helping the “Challenging” Family within the last 8 years
  3. Therapists who attended an SOS Approach to Feeding Course before 2010 would be expected to repeat the Basic course

* Please note you will be required to submit a copy of your Certificate of Attendance for the Basic and Advanced course prerequisite requirements as part of the Certification Application Process.

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