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How much does it cost to attend a Basic conference?

  • All conferences are hosted by an independent host. Therefore, the price of the conference is determined by the host and varies based on location.  For details on specific conference pricing, please contact the host of the conference that you are interested in attending.

What is the difference between the 3 Day Basic course and the 3.75 Day Expanded Basic?

  • Beginning in 2016, the 3 Day Basic Conference was replaced by the 3.75 Day Expanded Basic Conference. The additional 6 course hours is utilized by Dr. Toomey and her team to present the latest information available about changes and improvements being made in the SOS Approach to Feeding strategies, research about SOS, the new Oral-Motor Steps to Eating and additional video examples of therapy sessions.  Attendees also have the opportunity for more practice with the SOS strategies as a part of the Expanded Basic Conference.

Do you offer the Basic Conference online?

  • Based on the type of course work and in order to ensure the best learning experience and outcome, the Basic Conference is only available as an on-site program and is not offered as an online course.

Do you offer Advanced courses online?

  • Yes, we offer a variety of workshops that expand upon the Basic course including Autism, Reflux, G-tubes, Infants, Food Sensitivities/Allergies/Intolerances, Food Science, Working with the Child with Severe Impairments, Parents as Partners and others.  All the Advanced courses are available online through the SPD University.  Please note, the Basic SOS Approach to Feeding course is required prior to taking the online Advanced courses.  For more information on the full list of available online courses including pricing and how to register, please visit SPD University.

What is the difference between the Basic training course/conference and the Advanced Workshops?

  • Basic conference: The Basic Conference provides the foundation for the SOS Approach to Feeding program. This program is a transdisciplinary program for assessing and treating children with feeding difficulties and weight/growth problems of all ages, with a special focus on children from 12 months to 6 years old.  It integrates posture, sensory, motor, behavioral/learning, oral motor, medical and nutritional factors to comprehensively evaluate and manage children with feeding/growth problems.
    • Learning outcomes:
      • Identify oral, sensory, motor, cognitive and emotional developmental milestones key to feeding;
      • Recognize and describe the major reasons why children won’t eat, as based on learning theory principles.
      • Identify physical, behavioral, motor, oral-motor, cognitive and sensory factors as a part of a Feeding Assessment.
      • Apply behavioral and social learning principles, and systematic desensitization, to feeding problems.
      • Create and implement an SOS feeding program for babies, toddlers and young children, in group and individual treatment formats.
  • Advanced Workshops: These are additional 2-4 hour workshops expanding on and beyond the SOS Approach to Feeding Basic Course to addresses special populations and special problems in Feeding Difficulties including Autism, G-tubes, Working with school aged children, and Parents as Partners and several others.  Attending a Basic Conference/Course is a requirement prior to being able to access any of the online Advanced Workshops.

Do you offer CEU credits for the conferences?

  • CEU credits are managed and applied for by each individual host. Please check with the conference host to see if they offer the credits or documentation for applying for CEU’s with the individual associations.

I have not received CEU credits for the conference I attended.  Who do I need to contact?

  • Please contact the host of the conference you attended for information on how to receive your CEU credits.

Once I complete the SOS Approach to Feeding conference, will I be certified?

  • Attending the Basic conference provides training in the SOS Approach to Feeding program. Upon completion of a Basic conference, you will be trained in the SOS Approach and receive a Certificate of Attendance.  This allows you to immediately begin to treat and provide therapy to patients.  However, full certification is only acquired through the SOS Certification Program  (pre requisite for the certification program is completion of the Basic conference).

I lost my certificate of attendance.  Can I receive a copy?

  • The certificates and record of attendance are managed by the conference host. Please contact the host where you attended the conference to request a duplicate copy.  Unfortunately, Toomey & Associates, Inc. does not keep records of conference attendees or extra copies of the certificates.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Do you offer a mentorship program?

  • We do not have a “mentorship” program per se like those offered for the OT’s in the OT division at STAR Institute. However, the Feeding Department does have a Visitors program.

PURPOSE =   to be able to fill a professional request frequently received by members of the Feeding Team to allow Professionals to directly observe the work that we do at SOS Feeding Solutions at STAR Institute.  Allowing Professionals to visit provides the Feeding Team with the opportunity to further train therapists who are very committed to treating children with feeding problems using the SOS Approach to Feeding.  Visitors Program Information and Policy, and how to schedule a visit.

1.  Professionals who attended a Basic SOS Approach to Feeding training workshop find it very helpful to spend 3-5 days directly observing multiple therapists use the program. While the training workshop provides the foundation for using the SOS program, seeing the program in action can be extremely helpful to therapists in becoming more proficient in using the program.

2.  Professionals who wish to start their own Feeding Clinic find it extremely useful to visit SOS Feeding Solutions at STAR Institute to better understand the multitude of details required to efficiently run a Feeding Clinic which are not covered in the Basic 3.75 Day SOS Approach to Feeding training workshop.

Do you offer a certification program?

  • Yes, Dr. Toomey has developed a comprehensive SOS Certification Program that provides additional training for therapists who wish to become Experts in the use of the SOS Approach to Feeding program. This comprehensive certification program occurs online and includes additional written materials and examinations, clinical supervision and review of your videotaped therapy sessions, feedback to further your skills in creating Food Hierarchies and in using Hierarchy Strategies, and discussion of how to become more effective in your parent education.

I am a student.  Can I attend an SOS Approach to Feeding conference?

  • Yes, students can attend under the following circumstances: 1). the student is ideally in their last year of graduate work in their program; 2).  the student is under the supervision of a professor from their program who is aware that the student is attending the training; 3).  that professor gives that student written permission from the Graduate program to attend our training – especially if the student is only in their 2nd or 3rd year of the program – and that permission is submitted with their registration form; 4). the professor ensures that the student is not practicing the SOS Approach to Feeding program independently (I.E. the professor accepts responsibility for the student engaging in any treatment using the SOS program). Note: As is an ethical requirement for all graduate programs, students are not allowed to practice clinical therapy without direct/live professor/clinician supervision.  Supervision is required until the student attains their degree and/or licensure.

Is there a student discount?

  • A discount for students is up to the discretion of the host of each conference. Please contact the host of the conference you are considering attending to ask them regarding whether any discounts are available.

Ordering Handouts, Administrative Forms and Other Conference Materials:

How can I order a Handout or Administrative Forms?

  • Please visit our Shop for information on the available Handouts, Administrative Forms USBs.

How can I order the music CD?

  • Please visit our Shop to order the Great Explorer music CD and other products offered for purchase.

I lost my notebook from the conference.  Can I order a new one?

  • Unfortunately, we do not typically keep extra copies of the printed Powerpoint slides/workbook as the conference host is responsible for printing the notebooks for the attendees. Please check with the host of the conference you attended to see if they might have an extra copy that they could send to you once you submit your certificate of attendance.

Do you offer language translations of the forms and handouts on your CD’s?

  • Currently, we offer a full set of SOS Handouts in Spanish.  This is available for purchase in our Shop.   We also have a some documents translated in French and Swedish. Please send your request for the translated forms to info@sosapproach.com.  Most of the administrative forms are not available in other languages.

Copyright Permission/Use of SOS Program Materials:

How to I reference Dr. Toomey’s SOS Approach to Feeding program on my website or blog?

  • Please state: “The SOS Approach to Feeding program was developed by Dr. Kay Toomey. For more information on the SOS Approach to Feeding program, please visit www.sosapproach.com.”  Please note, all materials, documents and forms taken from the SOS Approach to Feeding program are copyrighted material and cannot be reproduced in any form without the expressed and written permission of Dr. Kay Toomey.

How do I obtain copyright permission to use the Dr. Toomey’s SOS Approach to Feeding materials?

Hosting an SOS Approach to Feeding Conference:

How do I host an SOS Approach to Feeding conference?