When Children Won’t Eat:
Picky Eaters vs. Problems Feeders

Assessment and Treatment Using the SOS Approach to Feeding
The Sequential Oral Sensory (S.O.S.) Approach to feeding workshop is a trans-disciplinary program for assessing and treating children with feeding difficulties and weight/growth problems from birth to 18 years. It integrates posture,sensory, motor, behavioral/learning, medical and nutritional factors to comprehensively evaluate and manage children with feeding/growth problems.


Picky Eater vs Problem Feeders

Picky Eaters decreased range of variety of foods they will eat = 30 foods or more foods lost due to “burn out” because of food jag are usually…

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Dr. Kay Toomey, PhD

Dr. Toomey is a pediatric psychologist who has worked for 25 years with children who don’t eat. She developed the highly effective, family-centered SOS Approach to Feeding to assess and successfully treat children with feeding problems worldwide. She is currently the Clinical Director of SOS Feeding Solutions at STAR Institute.